About us

Portbase connects all parties in the logistics chains of Dutch ports. Through its Port Community System, Portbase facilitates the exchange of data between companies and the exchange of information with government authorities in order to allow everyone to work faster, more efficiently and at lower cost. Together with our growing community, we are continually adding value to this data sharing. Our goal: to make the Dutch port community, and thereby the ports themselves, the smartest in Europe. Portbase is a neutral, non-profit organisation operating from within and for the port community.

Portbase was created by a merger between Rotterdam’s Port infolink (est. 2002) and Amsterdam’s PortNET (est. 2000). The new organisation was established in 2009 by the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Port of Amsterdam and enjoys wide support amongst the port-related business community.

Portbase currently offers over 43 different information services to approximately 3,900 companies with 14,000 users across all port sectors. Every year, over eighty-two million electronic messages are sent via the Port Community System. Portbase’s head office is located in Rotterdam and is staffed by just over 80 employees.

We specialise in

  • Port Information Systems & IT