Colors of the Rainbow

For many years, Van der Vlist has integrated painting activities into its Technical Services offering. Our specialist and well-equipped spray booths at several Van der Vlist operating centres (Groot-Ammers/NL, Moerdijk/NL and Zeebrugge/BE) offer a complete solution along with other processes such as modification, assembly and Pre Delivery Inspection. With this integration it is possible to shorten lead-times and reduce costs.

In close consultation with the client, a detailed spraying plan is drawn up showing not only the colour scheme but also explains what the requirements are with regard to pretreatment, base coats & primers, layer thickness, layer structure, materials used, drying times and quality control techniques. Additional adjustments such as finishing with clear coat and optional application of stickers and lettering can also be undertaken to provide the client with the finished article.

Published: by Van der Vlist Transportgroep BV