A single gateway for VGM notifications

Forwarders and exporters have a single gateway for notifying a major number of shipping companies of the verified gross mass (VGM) of their export containers via the Port Community System from Portbase, since 21 February. This requirement, which went into effect worldwide on 1 July 2016, is currently a substantial administrative burden for many companies. The internet-based service Notification Verified Gross Mass offers a simple solution to this problem.

Companies will no longer need to visit multiple shipping-company websites to submit their VGM notifications, saving them a significant amount of work. In the new service, it will be enough to submit the weight of each container, to indicate the weighing method, and to select the applicable shipping company for each booking, along with a few basic details. Most participating shipping companies also send a response. The new Portbase service is recommended by the trade organisations evofenedex and FENEX.

According to Marty van Pelt from FENEX: 'Now that forwarders and shippers are able to submit the VGM to shipping companies through a single channel, major savings in time - and therefore costs - are possible. FENEX feels that the administrative burden resulting from the VGM requirement should be minimised wherever possible. This Portbase service contributes in that area, making it a valuable addition to their portfolio of services.'

Published: by Portbase