How a 70T Volvo Excavator reaches Iceland

Iceland is not the most frequent destination for Van der Vlist but it is not a new destination either. Van der Vlist assembled and modified a 70T Volvo excavator and transported the base machine and parts to Iceland via the port of Rotterdam.

Two of the well-known orange trucks transported the excavator and disassembled parts to Rotterdam where a floating crane lifted the cargo into a container vessel. In Reykjavik the cargo was unloaded and transported to the final destination.

Shipments to Iceland are generally part of door-to-door or door-to-port transports. For their clients Van der Vlist coordinates transport to port, export documentation and shipping. If required they also organize terminal handling, custom bonded storage, import and transport to the final destination as well as assembly, touch up and PDI once at the final delivery location.

Published: by Van der Vlist Transportgroep BV