Opening gas measuring and fumigation station

Neele-Vat Logistics has opened a gas measuring and fumigation station in Zeebrugge in co-operation with terminal operator APM. The treatment capacity is expected to exceed 50 con-tainers a day with ease. The station will comply fully with FASFC legislation for imports and exports.

The company sees opportunities to operate the new activity due to new phytosanitary guidelines in fields such as the treatment of tree trunks and wood packaging. The new gas measuring and fumigation station will be an excellent and efficient alternative, especially for importers and exporters from Belgium, Northern France, and Germany.
Unlike existing operations, the Neele-Vat gas measuring station will operate on the terminal site. Alain Declercq, manager of Neele-Vat Zeebrugge, is thrilled with the new gas measuring and fumiga-tion station, since it benefits the Port of Zeebrugge, where this activity has never taken place until now. He says: 'I expect that our new station will be particularly attractive for the export of tree trunks.'

Published: by Neele-Vat Logistics B.V.