No wasted effort

Van der Vlist have recently completed a complex job to deliver a 90 tonne waste dryer to a waste processing site in northern Poland.

At this weight, 4,1m high 14,5m long and 3,44m wide route surveys had to be completed, and focussed on bridges along the way, the route had to ensure that all bridges were passable with the total cargo height, and electric power lines had to be removed for passage through at some points, but the main issue came with a bridge close to the delivery site.

The bridge had to be passed over to get to the site, but it was not strong enough to take the total weight. Therefore it had to be strengthened with specialist polymer injections, in order to safely pass across at the weight.
Starting at night from Gdynia port, the movement was around 100km in total to the delivery site, where the cargo was unloaded and will be used to process waste from the region.

Published: by Van der Vlist Transportgroep BV