Do you have a logistics query, would you like more efficiency in your logistics chain, or are you looking for a specific service? Then the Rotterdam Port Connector is your solution. This independent platform matches your inquiry quickly from a database of 500 logistics service providers. Submitting your inquiry is free of charge or obligation, and is anonymous.

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    Create an account

    To submit an inquiry, you need to be logged-in. Logging-in works with an account. You can create an account with the module on the homepage. You only have to enter your business contact details here.

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    Posting an inquiry

    Indicate the category of your inquiry. Rotterdam Port Connector will ensure that your inquiry reaches the right service providers. You remain anonymous as the inquirer. You will receive responses to your inquiry automatically by email.

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    Receiving quotations

    When submitting your inquiry you specify a time limit for responses. You will receive responses by email within this period. You then decide which service provider you would like to contact without obligation.