Do you have a question about Rotterdam Port Connector? You will find the answer here.

Question 1 What is an inquiry?

By submitting an inquiry in the Rotterdam Port Connector, you can reach our 500 service providers easily and quickly. These service providers operate in the logistics, maritime and business service sectors. For instance, you may have a question about transporting or storing freight, or you are interested in towing services or you want a nautical lawyer. So your inquiry may be very broad. An inquiry can be posted easily and anonymously via the homepage.

Question 2 Which service providers are associated with Rotterdam Port Connector?

The 500 service providers associated with the Rotterdam Port Connector operate in and around the ports of Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Moerdijk. The network of logistics hubs in the Netherlands, including inland terminals, is also represented. This cluster of companies is diverse and has broad international experience. All sectors and transportation possibilities are represented here. The service providers are members of the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council.

Question 3 What is Rotterdam Port Promotion Council?

Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC) is a foundation, set up by the port's business community in 1933. Its objective is to put the associated service providers in contact with international companies seeking solutions for the worldwide transportation, storage and transshipment of their freight, or who are looking for another maritime service. RPPC is a joint venture with the Port of Rotterdam Authority. For more information visit

Question 4 I have submitted an inquiry, what happens now?

Once you have received notification that your inquiry has been submitted successfully, Rotterdam Port Connector gets to work for you. A match is established automatically between your inquiry and the companies which can respond to it. These service providers receive your inquiry and respond via Rotterdam Port Connector. You will be notified by email. Your personal details remain anonymous until you decide otherwise.

Question 5 How anonymous am I as the inquirer?

When you submit an inquiry, only your question is visible to the service providers. You remain anonymous. So it is possible that several messages between you as the inquirer and the service provider, are sent via Rotterdam Port Connector, without your company name and personal details being visible. You decide when your personal and corporate details become visible.

Question 6 What is a response period?

One inquiry might be urgent, while another can take more time. When submitting an inquiry you decide how quickly you want to receive responses from the service providers. If you have not received the right answer to your inquiry by the expiry of the response period? Then it's possible to extend the inquiry or to submit a new inquiry.

Question 7 How does my inquiry reach the right person?

Rotterdam Port Connector works independently and fully automatically. There is no human intervention 'behind the scenes'. All the service providers associated with the Rotterdam Port Connector have subdivided their services into categories. After you submit an inquiry, the system itself starts looking for possible matches.

Question 8 Who can see my contact details and inquiries?

You are the only one who sees your contact details and inquiries. You only become visible when you indicate when submitting an inquiry, that you wish to get in touch with the relevant service provider.