Rotterdam Port Promotion Council organises network events worldwide under the name Port of Rotterdam. Registering or deregistering is done through the Rotterdam Port Connector. This platform also brings together supply and demand at any desired time.

  1. 1

    Create an account

    After receiving an invitation, you can register or deregister. You must be logged-in for this. Logging-in works with an account. You can create an account using the module on the homepage. You only have to enter your business contact details here.

  2. 2

    All event details visible

    By logging-in, it becomes possible to see the details of all events, including current listings of all participants. It is important to check the updates regularly. This makes it easy to find people before and during the event.

  3. 3

    Stay in touch

    If you have not managed to locate each other during the event, or you would like to stay in touch with participants, then you can also use the Rotterdam Port Connector. If you have not found the right person, go to CONTACT or submit an inquiry easily and free of charge.