Do you have a question about the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council's events? You’ll find the answer here.

Question 1 Why events?

Organising international network events brings supply and demand together. Events are network meetings abroad, participation in logistics trade fairs and receiving business groups in the ports of Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Moerdijk, under the Port of Rotterdam brand name. These events are organised for and with the port's business community, in close cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam Authority

Question 2 Who is Rotterdam Port Promotion Council?

Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC) is a foundation, set up by the port's business community in 1933. The objective is to put the associated service providers in touch with international companies seeking solutions for the worldwide transportation, storage and transshipment of their freight, or who are seeking another maritime service. RPPC does this by organising international network meetings and the use of the Rotterdam Port Connector. RPPC is a joint venture with the Port of Rotterdam Authority. For more information visit

Question 3 How can I register or deregister for an event?

Registering or deregistering for a Port of Rotterdam network event is always done through the Rotterdam Port Connector. You may only participate in an event if you have received an invitation. If you received it by email, then the link will take you to the appropriate page, where you must first verify your details. If you received the invitation by post, then you can enter your personal code on the homepage. To do this you first need to create an account, quickly and easily. You can also use this account to post inquiries via Rotterdam Port Connector.

Question 4 I am interested in an event. How do I receive an invitation?

Rotterdam Port Promotion Council organises the network events and sends out the invitations. Are you interested in a specific event, but you haven't received an invitation? Then get in touch here.

Question 5 Where can I find more detailed information about an event?

Under 'Participating in events' you will find a list of all events organised by Rotterdam Port Promotion Council. In real-time, each event shows which companies are attending. The content of the programme, the speakers, the exact venue for the event and other important details are also shown. After the event the presentations can be downloaded from the event pages.

Question 6 When can I view the list of participants?

Once you are logged-in, you can see which companies are attending a specific event. Go to the relevant events page for this. An additional advantage is that before the event, you can already get in touch with the service providers. These messages are routed through the Rotterdam Port Connector.

Question 7 How visible am I after registering for an event?

After registration, the guests invited to a network event are only visible with their company name for the relevant event. Personal details of guests are not visible on the website. The service providers associated with Rotterdam Port Connector are visible for the event when they have registered for it. Here both their personal and company profiles can be viewed. For an overview of service providers present you do have to be logged-in.

Question 8 I have a question about an event, to whom should it be addressed?

Organising the network events is arranged by the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council. Should you have a query about one of the events, then get in touch by email or phone. E:, T: +31 10 487 3400.