About Rotterdam Port Connector

Rotterdam Port Connector has been developed specially by Rotterdam Port Promotion Council, to let international clients contact the 500 or logistics service providers easily. The advantage is that the client can find the right solution at any time, and stay anonymous. The Rotterdam Port Connector is independent and neutral. Client inquiries entail no obligation and are free.

How it works

Do you have a logistics or maritime inquiry, or are you looking for a service provider for maritime business? You can submit it to our 500 service providers. Rotterdam Port Connector ensures that the inquiry reaches the right professionals. The inquirer remains invisible, so your anonymity as a client is guaranteed. In submitting an inquiry, the client indicates a time limit for responses. Contact is by email and the client decides just how long to remain invisible. To get in touch, you must have an account and be logged-in. It's easy and quick to create an account.
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Personal contact

It's also possible to participate by invitation in our worldwide network events. Here you can get in touch personally with the associated logistics service providers. Rotterdam Port Connector lets you to get in touch with each other before and after these network events.
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